November 7-11, 2016
Gospel On Campus

What is Jesus Awareness Week?

Jesus Awareness Week is a week where we can gather and pray and worship.

What is the JAW House of Prayer?

The House of Prayer is a space dedicated to constant intercession throughout the week of Jesus Awareness Week. All day and all night, from Monday to Friday, we will be praying for a variety of locations, peoples, and situations here at Rutgers and abroad in the nations.

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Where is the House of Prayer?

The House of Prayer spacing is provided by the Second Reformed Church on College Avenue
100 College Ave

What's the schedule like?

The House of Prayer is open 24 hours, but we have special events on:
8:00 PM Sunday | 9:30 PM Monday ~ Thursday | 7:30 PM Friday

Sunday (11/6)
Prayer Huddle

Monday (11/7)
Praise & Prayer Night

Tuesday (11/8)

Wednesday (11/9)
Testimony Night

Thursday (11/10)
Gospel Night

Friday (11/11)
Closing Praise Night

JAW House of Prayer

What will be there?

First and foremost, the entire space is dedicated to prayer! So pray however you want. There will be worship teams and prayer teams rotating on at all times. There will also be a variety of prayer materials for global areas of conflict, the global church, various Rutgers communities, and campus ministries. We will also have a prayer wall, art canvases, and alternative ways of worship.
A new addition this year is the prayer ministry where facilitators will be available for those who who would like to be prayed over in the prayer room.
Since we're all students hard at work too, study spaces are also available in the back of the church.

How do I get involved?

By pressing the button below, you'll see sign-up sheets for every day the House of Prayer.
(Incase the button doesn't work, click here!)

There are two roles you can involved in:
Prayer Team: Prayer team members will help to do two main things:
1) Actively pray for a revival at Rutgers OR for the suggested topic of the hour
2) Pray into the open mic to help facilitate the suggested prayer topics of the hour
Worship Team: Worship team members serve through facilitating praise and worship at the House of Prayer!