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Our Mission

The mission of RUnited is revival. To establish the partnership of believers, campus ministries, and churches in pursuit of Christ-centered discipleship, mission, and prayer.

Our Vision

The vision of RUnited is God's Kingdom at Rutgers as it is in heaven. To see the campus transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, spiritual awakening brought forth, and the love and truth of God made known in every life at Rutgers University.

Upcoming Events

Jesus Awareness Week 2016

November 7-11, 2016

100 College Avenue, New Brunswick

More Info

All-Campus Worship Night

Coming April

Location & Time: TBD

Recurring Events

Rutgers House Of Prayer

Every Friday at 4 PM

Location: Second Reformed Church on College Avenue

All-Leaders Gatherings

Once a Month

Location: TBD


RUnited's mission is to build Biblical partnership among believers, churches, and campus ministries. This year, we're seeking to support believers by providing the resources and means to pursue a culture of intercession at Rutgers.

1 on 1 Meetup

Who can I talk to about what's on my heart?
We want to get to know how God is personally working in your life. If you feel God is calling you to do something but you don’t know how, we want to pray and seek with you. Contact us by signing up at the top of the page!
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Monthly Sessions

What is God doing on campus? How do I fit into the big picture?
Once a month, God’s put it on our hearts to gather believers to learn and pray together. Join us as we discuss what God is already doing at Rutgers and our needs as we live out God’s call to prayer. Stay updated through announcements on our website, Facebook, and newsletter.
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Prayer Materials

I want to pray, but how?
As we respond to God’s call to prayer, we want to support believers across Rutgers: Materials to facilitate prayer meetings, stories and guides from fellow believers joining the prayer movement at Rutgers and other universities. Sign up to receive these resources!
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